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8 Quick Tips to Managing a Fundraising Campaign

8 Quick Tips to Managing a Fundraising Campaign

Whether it is your first fundraiser or your twentieth, organizing a fundraising campaign can be challenging. From setting fundraising goals to celebrating the end of your campaign, your fundraising campaign could take weeks, months, or even longer. So, what do you need? To start, you need a structured plan of fundraising events (such as silent charity auctions, dinners, gala events, or golf tournaments), a supportive fundraising committee, and dedicated volunteers to ensure that your efforts will be successful. And then the real fun begins!

We’ve gathered eight quick tips to help you design and deliver your most successful fundraising campaign yet!

Learn about raising money for your cause, and how to plan your fundraising campaign…

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Fundraising Ideas

Need a Great Fundraising Idea?

Love using your smart phone? So will your guests at your most successful silent auction yet. Mobile bidding at your fundraiser makes everything easier – set up, administration, management and best of all guest access and mobile payment.

Watch your fundraising dollars grow with your guests’ excitement as they review silent auction items, place their bids, and enjoy friendly competition using their phones, regardless of location. Even guests unable to attend your event can participate by sending a simple text.

Some mobile bidding platforms can be expensive. Costs can vary because many mobile bidding companies charge for design and setup and use onsite technicians paid to manage the process.

Why waste money on technicians and a complicated setup? MobilBid offers an advanced mobile bidding auction platform that is easy-to-use, offers “instant close”, and provides great results at a fraction of the usual cost.

Learn how MobilBid is changing the mobile bidding landscape for silent charity auctions with sleek design, an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, and all-in transparent pricing with no hidden charges or fees…

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Charity Auctions

The Importance of Charity Auctions

If you are planning a fundraising campaign, and a charity auction is one of your fundraising ideas, you’re not alone. In North America, there are more than 250,000 charity auctions held every year, including live auctions – run by an auctioneer or MC – and silent charity auctions that are often part of a bigger event along with those held online.

You may even wish to hold a black-tie gala, and combine two types of auctions, perhaps a live auction with a silent auction. A gala could be one of your biggest fundraisers, as they potentially raise more than $20 billion annually in North America.

So which type of auction is the best type of fundraiser for your cause? There are three main types of charity auctions: live auctions, silent auctions as a stand-alone or as part of a larger event and, although not as productive, online charity auctions.

Choosing the right one for your fundraising event depends on a number of factors, such as your budget and theme of your event. Your charity auction choice should also reflect your fundraising goals.

Learn about the distinct types of charity auctions, the pros and cons of each type, and which one is the best choice for your fundraising event…

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Silent Charity Auction using MobilBid

Silent Charity Auctions: Fundraising Goes Mobile

For decades, silent charity auctions were paper-based. With bid sheets and pencils in hand, bidders circled the item tables, jostling their neighbours to make the final bids and win the coveted silent auction item.

Fast forward a few years, and auction bidders huddled around a shared tablet struggling to place bids. Whatever the silent charity auction format, silent auctions made sense. To fundraise, a group just needed a cause, guests to drive the bids, and a list or display of popular auction items with descriptions.

Silent auctions as fundraising events are growing in popularity and the format has evolved once again to make them easier than ever. Now, mobile technology invites guests to participate, review, bid, and even pay using their personal phones. Mobile technology has made silent charity auctions more fun for guests, less work to manage, and they deliver much better results.

Learn how MobilBid has upped the ante by improving silent charity auction performance with an easy-to-use platform combined with unique features and delivered and at an affordable cost…

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