Charity Silent Auction Bidding Platforms for Hospital Foundations

Fundraising charity silent auctions for hospital foundations, are often featured as part of a gala, or other fundraising activity, or planned and managed by third-party groups. Charity silent auctions particularly those featuring the versatility of online or mobile bidding, present a popular way for hospital foundations to raise funds.

Whether managed by hospital personnel or volunteers, MobilBid offers some ideas to help you plan and execute a successful charity silent auction.

Set an agreed-upon goal. Determine the specific financial target you aim to achieve through the auction to help plan and set realistic expectations. It is always easier to work together toward a pre-set goal.

Assemble a group. If volunteers are planning the benefit auction, put together a liaison team to assist in the planning and execution of the event. Help the group by assigning responsibilities for various tasks such as securing auction items, marketing the event, managing logistics, and handling finances.

Identify and seek auction items. Choose items that reflect the expected audience. Items or experiences that will generate interest and encourage bidding among all potential bidders. Unique experiences, vacation packages, sports memorabilia, artwork, gift certificates, and more.

Decide on the type of event. In-person, virtual, or hybrid. MobilBid can deliver on all three. Choose a suitable date and venue for the auction, a date that does not conflict with public holidays or other activities. Carefully choose a venue while considering factors like accessibility, capacity, and cost. Ensure that the venue has ample space for displaying auction items, accommodating guests, and hosting any additional activities or entertainment.

Market the event. Develop a Marketing Plan to promote the auction through social media, email, newsletters, press releases, and community networks. Be sure to explain the reason for the event and how the funds will be used to advance the hospital’s work. Highlight the appeal of the event by including live entertainment, guest speakers, or engaging activities during the event. This will provide additional incentives for attendees to participate and help make the event successful.

MobilBid offers a popular feature that directs supporters who didn’t acquire an auction item to your online giving page…enabling them to contribute to your success.

Show recognition. Thank the attendees, donors and businesses that helped make the event a success. Consider sending personal thank-you notes after the event to encourage future support.

Report the results. Share the results of the event with those who participated and thank the organizers for their participation and funds raised through their efforts and the impact their contributions will have on the hospital’s mission.

By following these steps and customizing them to your specific needs, you can organize and hold a successful charity auction that supports your hospital foundation’s fundraising efforts.

MobilBid is a privately owned, mission-driven technology company in Toronto, Canada focused on the not-for-profit sector. MobilBid is a versatile, full-featured, mobile bidding, silent auction platform designed and engineered in Canada serving non-profits both large and small. 

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