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MobilBid is a division of Net Directories Inc, a Toronto-based software technology
company founded in the mid-1990’s.

MobilBid serves both Canadian and US markets.

Smartphone bidding has become popular because all-in systems like MobilBid have streamlined the silent auction process and improved the bidder experience for increased participation and better results.

MobilBid offers easy to use software that clients use to set up and manage their own
auctions…dramatically improving the silent auction process and their ROI.

Bidders access an auction through their personal smartphones by simply texting a code word to a designated phone number.

Performance pricing determines cost based solely on a percentage of revenues raised, eliminating a predetermined fixed price or flat fee based on the use of the platform, not results.

STRIPE is optional. Clients can use the payment service of their choice, accept cheques or cash. Using STRIPE enables mobile payment and is the only system that integrates with our platform.

MobilBid pricing is all-inclusive with no restrictions or extra charges. You can see a list of features and options here.

MobilBid retains bidding analytics, invoice details and contact information for all participants.
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