About MobilBid

Helping Those Who Help Others

“MobilBid was founded on the principle that game-changing technology should be within the reach of all fundraisers.”

What MobilBid is All About

At MobilBid our mission is to help people achieve their fundraising goals. We measure our success by the success of our customers, and we partner with them on every event they hold.

When we decided to explore mobile bidding we first consulted with non-profits and fundraising professionals to fully understand their needs. We then teamed up to build a smartphone-centred, mobile, silent auction platform with advanced features that is fun and easy to use. One that delivers better results…with less stress, and affordable to the widest possible spectrum of users.

We’re excited that in just a few short years, MobilBid is now used at hundreds of events annually and trusted by national non-profits, healthcare foundations, schools, colleges, professional sports teams, and smaller community charities.

We owe this success to the people we serve and strive to serve them well.

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MobilBid is a division of NDI, a Toronto-based, Canadian technology company serving academic and non-profit markets since 1995.

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