MobilBid Auction Assist Program

To support MobilBid prospects and customers seeking a complete silent auction setup and management option, MobilBid has established an Auction Assist program.

What does it do?

The Auction Assist Program is designed to help clients, lacking the time or personnel to setup, manage, and deliver, a MobilBid silent auction event, live or remote.

How does it work?

Clients or prospects wishing to use the Auction Assist Program can chose and contact an Auction Assist provider directly to discuss the event, the scope of work, responsibilities of each party, and cost.

MobilBid/Client Responsibilities?

Typically, the MobilBid account holder will provide dates and time, logos, auction item images, product descriptions, opening bids, bidding increments, messaging, opening, and closing times. With other details including a STRIPE account or alternate payment system and item pickup or delivery information.

Under the direction and with the help of the MobilBid client, the Auction Assist specialist will set up, preview, and remotely manage the event. MobilBid will provide a dedicated phone number and a key word to access the auction using a smart phone, and a URL allowing the participation of bidders using tablets or computers.

In the Toronto and GTA area, Auction Assist is available to attend in-person events to manage the auction.

What is the cost?

Cost of the Auction Assist service, arranged with the provider is determined by the number of items in the silent auction and the scope of involvement. Auction Assist members will invoice clients separately at the agreed upon price. MobilBid will invoice clients within five days at our regular fee.

Auction assist

For Auction Assist, Contact:

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Cortney Cassidy, Event Strategist

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Tracey James, Chief Fundraising Ninja

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