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Your Best Silent Auction Experience Brochure by MobilBid

Planning a Charity Golf Event This Year?

Discover how MobilBid can add fun, excitement, and success to your silent auction…then end on a high note with “instant close” and mobile payment.

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MobilBid Cheat Sheet

MobilBid Hacks

Amazing Tips to make your life easier and give you a better, more successful, silent auction!

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10 ways to Maximise your silent auction efforts

10 Ways to Maximize Your Silent Auction Efforts

Non-profits and event organizers are using MobilBid to hold silent auctions that are easy to manage, exciting for their guests and quite simply raise more money - with a lot less fuss. They share their tips with us and we're happy to share them with you.

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Five reasons to consider MobilBid for your next silent auction

Five Reasons to Consider MobilBid

MobilBid was designed as a full-featured, highly effective mobile bidding platform that clients are using to improve the results of any-sized fundraiser. So forget those stories about the high-cost of mobile bidding and discover MobilBid. We'll help you reduce costs and raise more money.

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A Guide to the Silent Auction Technology Make Over

Five features fundraisers love about today’s charity silent auctions.

Charity silent auctions have been a mainstay of modern fundraising for decades. As popular as they are, anyone who has ever been involved agrees that silent auctions of any size are a lot of work, require astute planning, tight organization, and an army of volunteers to ensure the event is a success.

We’re talking live event silent auctions, not to be confused with Internet-based online auctions that all mimic eBay.

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Still Using Pencils and Bid Sheets But Not Looking Forward to Your Next Silent Auction?

A couple of minutes watching this short video will give you the lowdown on how MobilBid can help you set up and manage your next event - deliver an amazing guest experience - close and clear your venue in minutes not hours and most importantly spend less to raise more money.

Made-Up Toronto: MobilBid Assists Exhibit with Mobile Bidding, Silent Auction Platform

Recently, two young curators chose MobilBid for a unique Toronto art exhibit exploring makeup as communicating cultural and social identity. This fundraising exhibition featured 24 portraits by renowned photographer Leeor Wild. Working with the curators, MobilBid helped design and set parameters of the charity silent auction for this fundraising event. Visitors simply texted a special number to instantly access the auction, with portraits and descriptions, to start bidding. This brief video delivers a fascinating glimpse of this exceptional event.

Unity for Autism Chooses MobilBid for its 2018 Unity Golf Classic

Unity for Autism is a Toronto – totally volunteer-based - charitable foundation dedicated to assisting the many service providers for autism overwhelmed by the growing number of families needing their services.

The annual Unity Golf Classic is the organization’s signature event and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars since its inception. This year Copper Creek Golf Club in Kleinberg, just north of Toronto, hosted the fundraiser.

MobilBid worked with organizers to design and set up the charity silent auction for this fundraising event who then managed the auction from a laptop computer.

MobilBid at AFP Congress

Delegates to the AFP Congress in Toronto were invited to participate in a MobilBid "Mock Auction" to try the product and bid on unique business items.

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