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Spring 2023

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Spring is Here
Melting snow, longer days, and sunshine herald the coming of a much-awaited Spring bringing warm weather and a return to the outdoors.

Fundraising Facts
Earlier this year the Canadian Charity Law website published a blog highlighting statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector for 2023. The website owner is Blumberg’s Professional Corporation, a Toronto law firm specializing in legal services and advice to Canadian non-profits and registered charities.

Silent Auctions Canada
Tracey James is President, and Chief Fundraising Ninja at Silent Auctions Canada, a full-service charity auction company located in Newmarket, just north of Toronto. When asked what changes she’s experienced in the auction business over the past five years, she’ll pause briefly, then eagerly share the challenges and changes Tracey and her company have made to deal with the new reality of fundraising and charity silent auctions.

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WInter 2023 Newsletter

Winter 2023

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A New Year
Another new year has just begun and by all accounts, it will be an exciting year for non-profit fundraisers. Like every year before it, 2023 will present its own unique mixture of trends, opportunities, challenges, and rewards.

Fundraising Facts
Every non-profit organization shares the same general objective: raise money to support those in need. In order to meet their objectives to provide support, non-profits must evolve to meet not just the growing demands of those they serve. To be successful, they must reflect the lifestyle of the society that provides support.

CrowdChange and MobilBid Agee to a Cross-marketing Arrangement
We are excited to announce that MobilBid and CrowdChange have reached an agreement to work together on a cross-marketing referral program. Both are leading Toronto-based Canadian companies serving the Canadian and U.S. not-for-profit sectors.

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Reading summer newsletter

Summer 2022

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15 Things to Know about MobilBid
Did you know these 15 things?
Live, Virtual or Hybrid Events? MobilBid Does it All For the past two years, with the cancellation of live events, the convenience, versatility, and advanced features offered by MobilBid have helped make it the go-to platform for virtual and hybrid charity silent auctions.

Are You Planning a Website Refresh? HubSpot is a Great Place to Start The following article A Quick Guide to Non-profit Website Redesigns [+Best Practices] is timely as many charities and NPO’s are resetting and developing new practices.


Top Three Reasons Why MobilBid Chose Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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May Newsletter Preview

Spring 2022

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The past two years have taken their toll on non-profits and charities around the world.

Youth Singers of Calgary (YSC)
Discover how the group overcame the pandemic challenges, with unique teaching methods and staged a successful hybrid fundraiser against all odds.
Ace Your Golf Fundraiser This Year with MobilBid
MobilBid can’t improve your golf game, but we can improve your silent auction experience.

Giving Trends in Canada’s Charitable Sector
Professional Event Services

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