MobilBid Security/Privacy Statement

MobilBid systems and software are PCI compliant, certified by a third-party assessor. They were designed to safeguard personal contact and financial information. MobilBid’s platform is hosted and backed up in Canada using Amazon Web Services.

Names and contact information processed through the service remains the property of clients at all times. It will not be distributed, sold, loaned, leased, allowed to be copied, altered, or co-mingled with other data. 

MobilBid never uses this information for the purpose of marketing products, soliciting business, or any activity outside the running of an auction, or inconsistent with the intended interests of our clients. 

MobilBid is designed to avoid potential risk areas. We don’t require clients or bidders to download software or require an interface with internal systems, and we don’t collect financial details or accept payment on behalf of our clients.

Clients may download information they wish to archive or retain using the reports and tools provided within the system. They may also delete any information they wish, and through the normal course of business, this information will be removed from all systems and backup media. All data can be purged at any time upon request.

For our complete statement see “Terms and Conditions of Use”.


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