Charity Silent Auction Bidding Platforms for Public and Private Schools

At many public and private schools fundraising is often left to well-organized parent volunteer groups. The importance of using an easy-to-use, full-featured mobile bidding charity silent auction platform is key to a successful fundraiser.

Here’s why choosing the right mobile bidding platform is important.

Ease of use. Convenience and accessibility are critical for a mobile bidding silent auction platform to be successful. In many cases, the schools take responsibility for the mobile bidding auction platform and make it available to the parent group. The features of online or mobile bidding allow supporters to participate from anywhere using their smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. The popularity of distance bidding has proven that reaching beyond just those who attend can mean the difference between success and failure. When choosing, remember the convenience and improved results of using a mobile bidding platform far outweigh the cost.

At MobilBid, we pride ourselves on performance pricing. Clients have full access to all features and pay nothing until they use the platform.

Increased engagement. An intuitive, user-friendly mobile bidding platform attracts more people to your event. A real-time outbid feature encourages friendly competition of bidding. A max bid feature allows bidders to place a maximum bid and respond only when that bid has been reached. This interactive experience creates excitement and encourages continued engagement.

Expanded bidding opportunities. Many organizers open an auction before a live event and then extend the auction during and even beyond the event. This allows for greater participation and maximizes the potential for encouraging higher bids and better results.

Enhanced item showcasing. A mobile bidding auction platform provides a visually appealing, methodical way to showcase auction items. They can be organized into categories – travel, outdoors, experience, dining, etc. to provide an easy-to-explore, more organized presentation.

Easier admin process for both host and bidder. A full-featured mobile bidding silent auction platform simplifies the administrative tasks associated with both managing an auction and participating. MobilBid auctions can be pre-programmed with pre-set opening and closing, items are easily bulk uploaded, and messaging can be pre-set. Bidders join the auction by simply texting a code word to a dedicated phone number.

When the auction closes, MobilBid can process the successful bidders’ cards and send receipts or tabulate and send invoices with the convenience of mobile payment. This eliminates the stress of closing for volunteers and minimizes errors.

Combining the enthusiasm of volunteers and finding an easy-to-use mobile bid silent auction platform, public and private schools can effectively raise funds while engaging a wider community of supporters.

MobilBid is a privately owned, mission-driven technology company in Toronto, Canada focused on the not-for-profit sector. MobilBid is a versatile, full-featured, mobile bidding, silent auction platform designed and engineered in Canada serving non-profits both large and small. 

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