Charity Silent Auction Platforms for Galas and Major Fundraising Events

Today in-person and or virtual fundraising events like major galas often combine in-person bidding with live and video content to attract remote supporters and generate a wider audience, more interest, and new supporters. Events can benefit from combining in-person bidding with remote bidding options. Here's how the combination of in-person and remote bidding can improve the results of galas and major fundraising events.

MobilBid Group Shot colourIncreased Participation. Offering remote bidding options allows individuals unable to attend the in-person event to participate remotely and support the cause. By providing accessible live or recorded content, entertainment and remote bidding, fundraisers develop a virtual event to encourage people to “attend”, contribute, and increase the opportunity for success.

Remote Supporters. Remote bidding enables the event to reach beyond the physical venue and local community. Inviting home-based supporters broadens the potential pool of bidders and increases the chances of attracting higher bids. In some cases, organizers offer meals delivered option to those “attending” from home.

Flexibility for Bidders. In-person bidding may not always be appropriate for many supporters unable to attend the event. Offering silent auctions with remote bidding allows individuals to participate on their own terms. Most often silent auctions are set to run before the event, during the event and in some cases even after the event. This flexibility accommodates different preferences and circumstances, making it more likely for potential bidders to contribute.

The MobilBid silent auction platform easily accommodates, in-person and remote bidding. When the auction ends, winners are notified and their credit cards are automatically processed.

An Interactive Virtual Experience. Incorporating remote bidding into a virtual gala or event creates an interactive, engaging experience for participants. A full-featured mobile bidding platform lets participants, browse auction items, place bids, and receive real-time updates through a dedicated platform. This adds an element of excitement and competition, improving the overall fundraising atmosphere.

Enhanced Fundraising Potential. By combining in-person and remote bidding, organizers tap into a larger pool of potential bidders. This increases the competitiveness among participants and can lead to higher bids. The synergy between in-person and remote bidding creates a dynamic environment that encourages active participation and drives fundraising success.

Integration of Technology. Using an advanced, feature-rich, auction platform streamlines the bidding process and eliminates the need for manual tracking and recording bids. Advanced platforms offer features such as automatic bidding increments, bid notifications, and secure payment processing. Today’s silent auction technology saves time, reduces administrative tasks, and ensures a smooth bidding and payment processing experience for both in-person and remote participants.

When combining in-person and remote bidding, it’s important to communicate clearly with attendees and remote participants about the schedule of events, bidding options available, how to participate, and other relevant deadlines. Providing detailed expectations, timing, and support throughout the process will help ensure a seamless experience.

By incorporating both in-person and remote bidding options into large fundraising events like major galas, organizations can maximize their reach, increase participation, improve coverage, and generate greater financial support for their causes.

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