Sweet Dreams for Charity Silent Auction Organizers

Photo of a Woman Using Her SmartphoneIn the past several years, charity fundraising events have taken a digital leap forward with the advent of distance giving and mobile bidding silent auctions. Versatile new multi-purpose platforms and new auction protocols have revolutionized how funds are raised for non-profit causes.

While these innovative platforms offer a long list of advantages, many times event organizers can find themselves worrying over a flood of new technology. But with the right product and features and the all-important ease of use, these worries are easily put to rest.

In our experience with MobilBid, at times technological fundraising advances can be intimidating. Organizers have a right to worry over potential technical glitches. But here’s the reassuring twist—reliable fundraising technology when well researched and tested, combined with proper guidance and training, leads to seamless, successful, giving events. Having a confident team, reliable software, and following a step-by-step checklist can minimize the chances of a misstep.

Bidder Engagement

Keeping bidders on their toes and actively engaged can be a challenge. The worry? Will bidders linger unengaged in the event rather than actively participate? Creative item descriptions, real-time messaging, outbid alerts, and the gamification of mobile bidding can all encourage bidders to participate.

A crucial aspect of any silent auction is ensuring fairness to participants. It may be assumed that those bidding from a distance could be compromised, but the popularity of distance bidding is growing. A secure platform and program can allay those concerns.

Technology has done away with false bids, fighting over bid sheets, and the task of deciphering signatures. Modern technology can be an elegant partner here. In most cases, platforms can securely track bids and bidders, assuring transparency and authenticity with every step.

Unlike a name scribbled on a bid sheet, the protection of bidder data using a bidding platform can also pose a worry for conscientious organizers. Concerns about breaches, leaks, or misuse of personal information can certainly mar an event. Mobile bidding platform providers must ensure strict data and payment security and adherence to privacy regulations.

It’s Not Over ‘Till it’s Over

The final curtain call, reconciliation, and payment doesn’t mean the show is over. Many organizers may feel that bidder engagement fades as the evening and the event ends.
However, savvy organizers, know there’s a missed opportunity. Non-winning participants can be asked to donate to the cause with a note directing them to the sponsor website and the donor page.

Sending out thank-you notes, updates on the impact of the funds raised, and invitations to future events can keep the bidder-charity connection alive and flourishing.

MobilBid also offers a feature that provides full analytics on the auction results, as well as contact information for participants.

Striking the balance between honouring silent auction tradition and embracing innovation today is easier than ever.

Mobile bidding platforms allow organizers to preserve the charm and excitement of traditional auctions without the hassle of paper bid sheets and payment lineups. Technology makes auction events easier to set up and manage… while delivering a better bidder experience blending the best of both worlds and dramatically improving results.

These quick insights are meant to help you overcome the challenges of managing a fundraising campaign and we hope you have found something worthwhile here. To find out more, you can check our website Resources area or call. Thank you for your interest in MobilBid.

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The Value of the Enterprise Strategy

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