Fundraisers ask: “Why should we use MobilBid for our charity silent auction?”

We’ve found the best response doesn’t include a detailed discussion of advanced technology or a long list of features. The question they’re really asking is –

“What are the benefits of using MobilBid and how do these benefits help us reach our fundraising goals?”

Our value statement:

“MobilBid is designed to help non-profits improve their silent auction fundraising proficiency and results, by reducing tedious auction setup and management time while boosting bidder engagement with an easy sign-in, bidding, and payment, experience.”

MobilBid auction setup is straightforward using step-by-step video instruction coupled with proactive support. During the auction, scheduled messaging, bidding, and out-bid alerts flow with no manual assistance.

Real-time reporting during the event lets administrators monitor and manage the auction. An enhanced bidding experience for both in-person and virtual bidding encourages participation from a wider audience.

Pre-set opening and closing times with custom messaging allow the auction to run itself, so organizers can focus on other tasks.

With minimal setup, the platform automatically closes the auction, generates invoices, and processes payments. Guests are spared long waits for billing and payment. While staff avoids the usual closing confusion.

Extensive reports in multiple formats eliminate tedious manual assessment of results and helps planning of the next event.

Each year hundreds of non-profits, of all sizes, use MobilBid to achieve and surpass their fundraising goals.”

These quick insights are meant to help you overcome the challenges of managing a fundraising campaign and we hope you have found something worthwhile here. To find out more, you can check our website Resources area or call. Thank you for your interest in MobilBid.

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