The Impact of Canada’s Charity and Not-for-Profit Sector

Earlier this year the Canadian Charity Law website published a blog highlighting statistics on Canada’s charity and non-profit sector for 2023. The website owner is Blumberg’s Professional Corporation, a Toronto law firm specializing in legal services and advice to Canadian non-profits and registered charities.

The blog, written by Mark Blumberg, reinforces the startling impact that charities and non-profits have on the Canadian economy and on Canadians in general. His blog states that the registered sector of non-profits in Canada stands at 86,000 organizations. It also points out that an estimated 80 – 100,000 non-profits are not registered.

In 2020, 83,991 registered charities filed T3010s for revenues of $304 billion with expenditures of $281 billion. The Canadian government in 2020 reported revenue of $204.8 billion.

To frame this in another way, the registered charity sector in Canada is bigger than Canada’s five largest industries combined.

If you are not familiar with the impact the non-profit sector has on the Canadian economy, you can read the full report here: Canadian Charity Law

The Canadian registered charity sector alone (not even including non-profits that are not charities) is bigger than the five largest following industries (as a percentage of GDP):

Real estate and rental and leasing 13.01%
Manufacturing 10.37%
Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction 8.21%
Finance and insurance 7.06%
Construction 7.08%

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