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Mobile Bidding Software Options

The Popularity of Mobile Bidding Software

In the past decade, charity silent auctions have evolved from pencils, paper bid sheets, with chaotic bidding and closings to online and mobile bidding platforms. The leap in technology has resulted in an overwhelming choice of charity silent auction platforms and with the choice…often confusion amongst non-profit fundraisers.

Mobile Bidding Software Options

No two mobile bidding software companies offer the same platform features, a menu of services, or level of technology, so comparing prices, features, and benefits of mobile bidding software can be difficult.

We believe that MobilBid delivers an easy-to-use, high-performance, effective, and affordable silent auction mobile bidding solution. We also believe that charity fundraisers should know and understand what choices they have with other mobile bidding software suppliers.

Every day we’re asked how our MobilBid mobile bidding platform compares with competitors, how our cost and service differ and how features add up against other mobile bidding platforms. These questions put us in a good position to comment on what our competitors offer and what sets them apart.

To help prospects and clients understand how MobilBid compares to other mobile bidding platforms, we have compiled a list of six mobile and online silent auction companies we consider worthy of your consideration.

Trellis Social Enterprises

Trellis is a Canadian company based in Kelowna BC and has been in business since 2015. Trellis is a one-stop-shop that offers a full slate of event management and fundraising tools. Services include ticketing, auctions, live and automated silent auctions, raffles, streaming, and donation features. Pricing is determined on a one-off basis. The service appears to be offered in English only.


givergy is a UK company, founded in 2009 and based in London (UK) with offices in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Sydney. givergy offers a complete list of event services including event planning, registration, live and silent auctions, online auctions and auction items. Pricing is contract-based on package selection or custom pricing based on initial consultation.


Accelevents is an American company located in Boston and founded in 2015. By its name, the company was intended to enrich the event experience. An auction bidding platform is part of the suite of services the company promotes. Recently the company has ramped up its conference/events management platforms. The silent auction bidding software is still available. Pricing is a flat fee per auction plus an added cost for each bidder.


One Cause, (formally Bid Pal) was founded in 2007 in Indianapolis IND. As well as the mobile bidding platform, it now offers a full suite of event management and fundraising software. One Cause services mainly US clients but will welcome inquiries from Canada. The company doesn’t offer a “free” version or trials. There is no pricing on their website rather a request form for prospect consultations.

32 Auctions

32 Auctions was founded in 2008 in Madison WI and provides a platform for both non-profit and for-profit web-based silent auctions. Billed as a “free” silent auction, the company offers a version of the do-it-yourself platform with a limited number of items and features. Participants bid at the online site and receive outbid alerts by email. The company also offers a branded payment system.


Click-Bid was founded in 2002 in Norton Shores, MI. The company provides mobile bidding software to help charities strengthen donor relationships year-round. Pricing is based on an annual 4-event license starting at $795.00 USD with add-ons to a max of $2495 USD. The platform offers both text-to-give and online donations options. Apparently, the service is available only in the US.

The MobilBid Difference

Unlike many of our competitors, MobilBid is first and foremost an experienced software technology company, serving the North American non-profit sector for two decades.

MobilBid was introduced in 2015. From the beginning, with the help of professional fundraisers and non-profit clients, our sole objective was to design an advanced, self-administered, full-featured mobile bidding platform optimized for smartphone bidding.

MobilBid software automates the silent auction process, provides a better bidder experience including instant mobile payment and delivers better returns for our clients. All at an affordable price.

We understand and respect our competition and are committed to those we serve. MobilBid continues to prove its worth to an expanding group of satisfied users in hundreds of auctions annually.

If you are planning an upcoming silent auction or a fundraiser including a silent auction, please consider MobilBid. Let us show you what we can do and how we can help.

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The Importance of Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

There are reportedly more than 250,000 charity auctions held yearly in North America. This number includes live auctions – run by an auctioneer or MC – silent auctions many managed by professional auction houses that may also provide both auction items and personnel. As well as online auctions accessed through the Internet.

In many cases, large fundraising events such as galas combine live auctions with silent auctions and even online auctions. These auctions potentially raise more than $20 billion annually in North America.

So Which Type of Charity Auction is Best for Your Cause?

Charity Auctions are a great way for non-profits to raise money. Their contribution to fundraisers’ coffers can’t be denied. Charity auctions can be fun, entertaining, and create an exciting atmosphere to help raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Once you decide to plan a charity auction, your format should not just fit your fundraising goals, but should also reflect the theme of your event, and be within your budget.  So, your next decision is whether your auction is a live auction with an auctioneer, a silent auction, an online auction, or perhaps a combination.

The Pros and Cons of Each Auction Format

Live Auctions

The allure of a live charity auction, led by a professional auctioneer, is hard to resist. A room full of guests all focused on the auctioneer, driven by the excitement and competition of live bidding – a nod of the head, a simple hand gesture, or raising a paddle.
The key to the success of a live auction is the skill of the auctioneer and the quality of the auction items. Live auctions usually feature more expensive items – vacations, life experiences, art, jewellery, and luxury items. In many cases, these articles raise as much or more than their market value.

If you are considering a live auction as the main event of your fundraiser, here are some considerations:

  • A good auctioneer and support team can be expensive, as well as the cost of acquiring high-end items.
  • You may have to spend a lot of money before the gavel is dropped. But live charity auctions do raise a lot of money even though they may not fit every occasion. Many events combine a live auction with a silent auction to provide a wider range of items and the opportunity for each guest to bid at their comfort level.

Online Charity Auctions

An online auction is a “website” auction accessed through the Internet by a computer, a tablet, or any web-enabled device. Items are listed with a description and image, on dedicated websites like Charity Auctions Today, Bidding for Good, and other similar donation websites. Fundraisers can also build their own online charity auction sites as part of their regular website, or as a standalone link. With online auctions, bidders can bid anytime, anywhere.

There are many companies offering online auctions who provide a turn-key package – supplying the expertise, custom bidding sites, the items, and all the services to hold an auction. Typically, these online bidding sites are live for periods from one week up to a month, or even longer. When the event times out, the winning bidders pay and receive their items.

Online auctions of this type are popular, but not the best way to raise money. By hiring a reputable firm, you can have the entire event managed without fundraising volunteers or committees.

While you may enjoy this level of convenience, what you miss is the social interaction and excitement of a live event that in most cases delivers better results. And while most online auction companies are reputable, stories persist about those companies who simply want to use their clients’ entities to raise money, then turn over a small portion of the returns to the cause.

Silent Charity Auctions

Of all the auction formats, the silent auction has benefited most through the universal acceptance of smartphones and mobile technology.

Before the use of mobile technology, silent auctions were time-consuming and required many volunteers to manage:

  1. Items were displayed with guests crowded around bid sheets, surveying the items and writing down bids.
  2. Bidders continually found their way back to the silent auction table to check whether they had been outbid, and then placed another bid to stay in the running.
  3. When the bidding closed, volunteers gathered the bid sheets, deciphered the bidding and the billing, and then announced the winners and manually produced invoices.
  4. Winners lined up to pay and receive their items.

Bid sheet style silent auctions offer unique challenges and yet their popularity persists. Technology, however, is making silent auctions easier to manage, as mobile bidding and instant updates make the bidding happen quickly and feverishly.

What makes new silent auction bidding platforms attractive to savvy fundraisers is the convenience of managing their own auctions from setup to close and saving the expense of consultants and technicians.​

Within the last decade, several companies began to develop platforms that introduced new convenience to the silent auction process, allowing guests to access auctions, review items, and then bid – initially from shared tablets.

This advance increased silent auction bidding substantially and relieved some of the confusion of jostling to access a bid sheet by allowing bidders to respond to outbids from their tablets.

But these early systems had not yet solved the biggest challenge – the dreaded close.

Today, advanced mobile bidding platforms have moved beyond shared tablets. Bidders have the convenience of signing into a charity silent auction by texting a special number, where they can review items, bid, and answer re-bid alerts from their phones.

A few programs have solved chaotic closings by issuing detailed invoices seconds after the event ends, giving winners the option of paying from their phones. Payment triggers a receipt used to retrieve their items.

An optional feature requests credit card info upfront processes all winners’ cards immediately at close, and issues receipts for product pickup.

MobilBid, as a full-featured, scalable product, contains all of these features. Our advanced software options let you design and build an auction that not only reflects your style and brand but also allows you to build an auction to suit your needs. Cached bidding analytics and guest contact information helps fundraisers plan future events.

Whether your auction is live or silent, using mobile bidding, it’s important to choose a style and format to suit your needs.

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