15 Things to Know About MobilBid

  1. A Canadian Company
    MobilBid is an all Canadian product of Toronto-based software technology company Net Directories Inc. that has been helping non-profits for more than 20 years.
  2. Designed With the Help of Expert Fundraisers
    MobilBid was designed to meet the needs of non-profits and professional fundraisers. With their consultation and help, we developed a new, easy to use, full featured, smartphone-based silent auction bidding platform.
  3. We Set Out to Tackle 3 Key Silent Auction Problem Areas
    Encouraging guests to sign in. Keeping bidders engaged. And the big one – closing, invoicing, and payment. All improved? Yes.
  4. MobilBid was Designed to be Self-administered
    Unlike many bidding platforms, we designed a system that was easy for clients to set up and manage saving them the extra expense of tech help. We offer full setup tutorials, helpful instructions, and technical assist help is just a phone call away.
  5. Share Auctions to Check for Accuracy
    Once auctions are setup, they can be shared with team members to check for accuracy, then released in preview mode allowing bidders to review items and choose favourites before bidding starts.
  6. Bidders Can Choose Language
    Guests can choose to received item descriptions, and messages in either French or English
  7. MobilBid Uses Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    AWS is the leading cloud computing service with more than one million users and a reputation for security, innovation, dependability, and efficiency.
  8. MobilBid Helps with a Pricing Model for Non-Profits
    To make it economical for people using MobilBid, we developed a “Performance Pricing” structure. The cost is determined only by a percentage of the money raised by the auction. Clients pay nothing until the auction is over, with no ongoing costs between auctions. For convenience, clients can process live auction items and donations through the MobilBid platform for a single invoice and bill these additions at a reduced rate.
  9. No Long-term Contracts and no Charge for Additional Features
    MobilBid delivers a robust platform with many special features and options. There is no up-charge to use any or all these features and no binding contracts.
  10. Virtual, In-person, or Hybrid Auction? MobilBid Delivers all Three
    Guests join the auction by texting a code word to a dedicated number, then sign in, bid, and rebid on their smart phones from anywhere. Remote guests can also access the auction online for laptop and tablet bidding.
  11. MobilBid Silent Auctions are Almost Self-driven
    Once set up with items, messaging, and closing times, MobilBid auctions are practically automatic. Delivering and managing an entire auction, including closing, requires just a few keystrokes.
  12. MobilBid is Recognized as one of North American’s Top Auction Platforms
    A recent national poll placed MobilBid in the top five of North America’s best silent auction mobile bidding platforms. And the only Canadian company on the list.
    *Poll conducted by OneCause Fundraising Solutions.
  13. Choose your Payment System
    MobilBid processes payment in both U.S. and Canadian currencies. Collecting credit card info upfront and instant payment at close is a great payment solution for both virtual and live events. The choice at live events allows instant invoicing with mobile payment and a choice of cash or cheque.
  14. Plan Future Events
    Cached bidding analytics help you plan future events. Guest contact information lets you thank participants and build you your donor base.
  15. Want Help to Setup MobilBid?
    MobilBid offers 15 step by step tutorial videos on our website and available on YouTube. We provide unlimited technical help and one on one training if required.

Every year MobilBid helps hundreds of non-profit organizations , and charities raise millions of dollars.

These quick insights are meant to help you overcome the challenges of managing a fundraising campaign and we hope you have found something worthwhile here. To find out more, you can check our website Resources area or call. Thank you for your interest in MobilBid.

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